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Modest Fit MF 50-8818 Plum panel new Burqini XL Modest Swimsuit / Modest Swimwear







A Modest swimsuit / burkini comprised of 2 pieces.

> Tunic with Hijood (built in head covering, hijab shaped like a hood)
> Leggings.
Leggings attach to Tunic with loops.
Get ready for this summer, with these fantastic swimming costumes. Made from Swimming Costume material, totally safe and hygienic in the water. Women can cover up, fully protecting their modesty and still swim without being hampered by loose layers.

If you are taking your swimwear on vacation, then we highly recommend these great summer dress which are great for evening wear.
Every aspect of the Burqini™ Swimsuit has been thought through, from the design which includes Ahiida's unique Hijood™ (hijab shaped like a hood), the innovative high performance fabrics used, to the finer finishes in construction techniques.

The Hijood™ is designed for hair coverage but can be pulled back to the back of the neck comfortably. Each to the individual’s needs.

The Burqini™ Swimsuit is suitable for any fun water activities.

All Burqini™ swimsuits have ties on the inside and on the tops that tie to loops on the pants to prevent the tops floating while in the water. Burqini™ swimsuits have quality heat press design prints on the chest area, which further detract from your body shape, ensuring your modesty at all times.

Pictures from: Ahiida ® Burqini swimwear



  1. Nice blog ! Love the various different type of swimsuits even Muslim swimsuits looks good but i like the most modest swimsuits for women
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