Muslim Veil Could Cut Cancer Risk?

This article was posted by S on March 30, 2004 at

Wah, ini dia nih, salah satu keuntungan memakai hijab. Bagaimana pendapat Anda?

In a recent article, Professor Kamal Malaker, head of radiation oncology at King Abdul Aziz hospital, announced that women who wore the complete veil, including the face veil, were in actuality protecting themselves against Epstein Barr Virus, which causes nasopharyngeal cancer. 

Though this news came as a suprise to some, it is not suprise to the many Muslim women who already wear the veil and recognize that every aspect of their religion has benefits.

It has happened many-a-times in the history of Islam that an element may be commanded or prohibited, or that a scientific or historical fact unknown to the people of that time would be mentioned, and it would only be later that the benefits of these laws or realities of these facts would be found. 

Thus, finding more benefits to fasting or, in this case, to wearing the veil comes as little suprise. Regardless of the benefits, however, Muslim women continue to wear the hijab not because of these 'side benefits', but, rather, they wear it because this is the commandment from their Lord.



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