Why I Promote Modesty?

Tulisan ini saya temukan ketika saya sedang melihat-lihat beberapa situs yang menawarkan baju renang (swimsuit) yang modest. Saya tertarik dengan tulisan ini, karena ini merupakan pendapat dari salah seorang umat Kristiani mengenai kesopanan dalam konteks agamanya.

Ternyata banyak pula umat agama lain yang juga ingin menjunjung kesopanan di depan umum, dan, berdasarkan tulisannya, di dalam Bible pun dituliskan pula perihal mengenai kesopanan ini (yang menurut saya isinya sama dengan yang diajarkan oleh Al Qur'an. Bukankah ajaran dalam Bible dan Al Qur'an murninya adalah sama-sama Firman dari Allah??).

Situs ini menawarkan baju renang yang sopan bagi umat Kristiani. Pengelola situs ini memiliki pendapat sendiri mengapa ia ingin tampil sopan di depan umum, dan saya sangat menghargai pendapatnya.

Ini pendapatnya: Why I Promote Modesty?

"Why Do You Dress Modestly?"

Glad you asked! :)
I don't speak for any other swimwear company, church group, or individual, but only for myself. Personally, I choose to cover up because I want to glorify God with my body and to save myself for my future husband if I one day marry. I believe that how a person dresses is a personal choice, and that they should do what they know is right before the Lord.

The Bible encourages women to dress in "modest apparel" and also says that "it is good for a man not to touch a woman". We all know that men are stimulated by sight, and women by touch. I believe that these guidelines are given to us by God for our own protection.

Our sexuality is something that is very special and was given to us by God to share with our spouse. I know that our culture would not agree with this, but I do not speak for our culture. This is what I believe to be true from God's Holy Inspired Word, the Bible. But God has also given us free wills. We can choose to treasure and save our bodies, or to expose ourselves for anyone to see.

The Bible doesn't give exact guidelines as to what type of garment is modest and what is not, so we need to use common sense and ask the Lord for discretion. Would this outfit stimulate a man in a way that we wouldn't wish? A man should also use discretion in how he treats a woman so that he doesn't produce feelings in her which may not be right. Because modesty is a personal choice, and something that we each should prayerfully consider, our purpose at Modest Swimwear Solutions is not to make some kind of "rule" about what style of swimsuit is modest. I only wish to make another option available for ladies who appreciate modesty or are looking for sun protection.

Crystal E. Huyben
Simply Modest Swimwear



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