Hijab Inspirations - Outfits

These outfits are remarkable! Amazing! Very Inspiring!

I found these amazing pictures on Hijab Style blog. These pictures are the first very-inspiring-pictures I found since I wear hijab. Before I found them, I have no idea how to wear hijab, not only for to be modest but also can be fashionable... (sorry for my poor english ;p).

Today is completely a month since I wear hijab. I enjoy being a hijabee... I feel free and comfortable. Free to choose the style for me... free to choose which clothes I want to wear...

And I have chosen...
I choose the modest one... without living my sense to be "fresh", "in style", and fashionable. Thank you, God!

Here is the link to see these wondrous outfits pictures. The pictures are in Hijab Style's facebook album.

I have a favorite quote from one of the articles I found in CSMonitor.com titled "The Muslim veil":
"Modesty has its own style. Within Islam's mandate for modesty, "the styles are endless."



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