Summer Style

At the end of the year, in several country, it's Winter. But here, in my lovely country, Indonesia, we have Summer all year long... ;)
I live in tropical country... full of sunshine... and sometimes the rain comes down... It's very hot and humid here. So, for muslimah who wear hijab, we should choose hijab/khimar that is comfortable for us.

We'd like to use the light weight hijab/khimar/pashmina, and it's usually made of cotton. The hijab wrap we choose is the loose wrap style, so there is an air circulation around our head and neck, but still without showing our hair or our neck.

On YouTube Channel, I found a hijab style for Summer presented by a lovely lady, named: Amena K Khan. She live in UK. Amena is one of my favorite tutor for hijab style or hijab wrapping. Check out her tutorial for Summer Style here:

For more hot weather's hijab style, you could subscribe to Fashioning Faith, and we will let you know if there is a new hijab tutorial for Summer Style from Amena. Or, you can subscribe to Amena's Channel on YouTube.

Thanks Amena, for your tutorial and inspirations!



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