CHANEL's Silver-Pastel Wedding Gown

Spring Summer 2010 Haute-Couture

Here is a silver-pastel wedding gown from the runway fashion this year, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The gown is one of his "“NEON BAROQUE” collection.

chanel couture what is it.jpg
CHANEL has released to the press some detils about this Haute Couture gown:  

The fabrics are satin, tweed, lace, chiffon, and tulle, with colors pastel, acid tones, and silver lamé. On the Wedding gown: sequins, pearls and crystals embroidered on the front, sleeves and back of the dress.
Wow, its very elegant and expensive, of course... :o)

- Buttons: mercury color, shiny chrome.
- Finishings: “Hidden” seams.

There are silver threads or silver paint on embroidered satin, and silver stucco effect for the baroque touch.

Sleeves and hems trimmed with tulle. Stockings are oily and have a silver effect.
And the hair, if you watch it carefully, you could see the hair is shaped like a "heart".

- Boots in mercury/bright silver color.
- Materials: leather, lizard, python and eel skin.
- Heels: “sculpted” or “rock-work” heels.

For you that is going to get married and love the colors pastel and silver, this could be one of your inspirations to design your wedding dress, and change the "heart" hairstyle with this stunning Floral Bridal Hijab from the famous Hijab Tutor on youtube channel, Amena.

Check the tutorial here:




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