Elenany: Modesty Blazes a Fashion Trail

Meet Sarah Elenany, one of my favourite muslimah fashion designers. She is a young up-and-coming British designer who aims to cater to Muslim youth. Her designs are modest, but with an urban twist. I love her design because it's fresh, edgy and cool.

She has created a range of contemporary clothing that sticks to Islamic rules. She could mix the islamic dress code with smart, urban streetwear, and use graphics to capture the spirit of being a young Muslim.

We could wear the clothes she design in our daily life. Her designs is not just suitable for the runway on fashion show, or for wedding party, but also for our daily life.

As you know, as a mother, I have to be active to keep up with my children, and I'm also a sporty woman, so I think the design from Sarah Elenany is suitable for daily outfits for a young mother like me; a young streetwear style.

But, it doesn't mean that I don't like abaya. I like to look feminine as well and wearing abaya for special occassion, such as go to mosque, to family gathering, or to a wedding party.

Once again, I love Sarah Elenany. Although what she design is an islamic fashion, but she can make it a normal fashion. Her fashion can reach a broader view, can be available to more people, because she doesn't use traditional Islamic art as the only reference.

She has just launched her Friday Collection. You could watch her new collection in this video:

The Friday Collection by Sarah Elenany

The Friday Collection from daniel dean on Vimeo.



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