Hijab Style Inspiration For Elder Women

Elder women could look fashionable too in their hijab. One of the amazing style inspiration for elder women is the Emir of Qatar's Wife, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, who's becoming a style icon. She was born on 1959. That makes her 50 or 51 years old (source: trueknowledge).

She is chose as one of The 2009 International Best-Dressed by Vanity Fair. You can also see her fabulous style when she meets the Royals (Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles) on Huffington Post.

The Guardian said:

"The wife of the emir of Qatar appears to be two parts Jackie O and one part Carrie Bradshaw, to judge from her unique style"

Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned
Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned in a sample of her stylish outfits. (Photograph: Reuters & AFP)
Read the article here.

What do you think about Sheikha Mozah of Qatar' style?

Below are pictures of my auntie. She's sixty-two years old, but I think she still looks so beautiful... ^_^

What's your opinion about hijab style on elder women?



  1. Oops! Forgot to mention that Al Missned looks amazing! As does your aunty, of course.

  2. I don't think of 50 or 51 as being "elder"! I think of it as middle aged. Can we save "elder" for women in the 70s? I'm in my mid 30s, and I don't want to be an "elder" in 15 years!

  3. I like how Islam liberates women from having to be aware of their body image outside of their homes. Not saying grow into a biscuit and before venturing out throw an abaya over it but Islam recommends a balance of dressing well (outside the home) and keeping the awrah hidden (inside the home).
    Muslim women are not suppose to be display however we are still obligated to caring for our bodies and following Islamic dress rules. It's a good thing for those who's bodies are not "perfect" or "supermodel", they can still look good and have dignity about themselves.


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