Hijab Pin & How to stop the Pin from snagging your Scarf

After a long New Year holiday, today is the first day my children going back to school. It's my duty to take them to school. I wear a brown headscarf, and, because I ride a motorcycle, I stick my hijab to my top cloth using hijab pin, so my headscarf wouldn't open up because of blown by the wind.

I love the pin. I bought several pins at one of the hijab stores here, on budget price 0.5 - 1 USD per pin. This is my red rose pin.

We also can use safety pin in order to stick our hijab to its place. But sometimes, safety pins make a hole on your scarf/pashmina, because of the pin's head come through your scarf/pashmina's layer, or because the scarf/pashmina riding up the pin's loop.

To solve this problem, use such pin like I use in the picture, or use your safety pins as usual but follow this tips from Amena on youtube channel, to avoid damaging your scarf.



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