My First Experiments on Looklet

Thanks to tealovecoffee and aifa's suitcase for sharing about the Looklet on their blog. A few days ago, I tried to visit the Looklet's site, and there, I enjoyed to become the stylist of my styles... :o) We could 'mix and match' the gorgeous collections on Looklet. I think it's really fun to be an imaginary stylist. We get lots of inspirations as we create our stylish look.

Are you interested in, too? Just join in. You should sign up first before you could play with your imaginary styles... :)

Here are my first creations on Looklet:

Do you already join the looklet? Share your Looklet's creations url on the comment's box below...



  1. Assalaamu Alaykum sister, I love this look that you've created! Masha'Allah! Love your blog!!! Thanks for visiting my blog my blog too!!! Zeba


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