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As usual, I picked up my children from school this morning. But this time, my parents came along with me to my children's school, because we've planned to visit one of our relatives after school. We went to my uncle's house.

This morning I wore a grey dress with some brights colours. The dress quite light, so it can "fly" by the wind... :). This was my grandmother's dress. Although this one an "old" dress, but I think it still looks fashionable to be worn nowadays.

I love its bright colour. This time I wore it with a white long sleeves tee, a white jeans, a bright grey hijab and silver chain belt.

We could wear it with many varieties hijab plain colour, such as: a bright yellow, blue, white, or green scarf. Plain color hijab would be match with this kind of "decorative" dress, because of the dress already "colorful".

And I think, it would be best if worn with a bright yellow scarf or a green scarf, but I don't have one of it. I don't shop a lot... :) So, I usually wear this dress with the scarves I already have, a bright or dark grey scarf, or with a white scarf.
Large Satin Scarf-YellowFor the colder weather, we could wear it with cardigan.
Solid Navy Blue Varsity Cardigan Sweater Top Fleece, for Women and Girls, Medium
We also could do "mix and match" this dress with other wide variety color of tee, pants/jeans, or cardigans, as long as the tee/jeans/pants/cardigan's color match to the dress' color.

Hohoho... my uncle has a fish pool at his garden, so my children really exciting to be here. They would be fishing all day!. I should admitted that my outfits didn't match to go fishing... :)

In this pictures, I don't wear the proper shoes too, I think... ;) It would be best if you wear one of these shoes, I found on Hijab Style, with this dress. Jana, the editor of Hijab Style, seem to has a similar kind of the dress. And the shoes she picked up is a right choice! Jana wore it in April 2008. So it seems like an "old fashion" dress, right? :)

Dress from Grandma? Hmmm.... What do you think?



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