Purple Flowery Patterns Batik Dress

What I'm wearing today is a pretty purple batik dress. Batik is an Indonesian traditional and original motif design on a textille material.                                                                                   Or, in another words, Batik is a cloth (usually kain mori) which traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. The Batik patterns is drawn on the textille material using a tool called canting.                                                                We could wear batik as a formal clothes or as our daily outfits. It's suit to almost any events/activities: going shopping, attending wedding party, work/school uniform, worn to family gathering, etc.
I love the fresh purple color and the flowers patterns on this dress. I worn it with a purple hijab, a white pair of pants, and white cardigan. Unfortunately, the picture I took is a little bit blur because my camera didn't work well. There is an error occur on its sensoric ability, so I need to fix my camera.... :)



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