Accessorizing your Headscarf!

Accessories, such as: brooches, necklaces, long earrings, pins, ribbons, imitation or fresh flowers (orchid, lilies, roses, sunflower) could spice up your hijab looks.

If you have a pair of, or just one, long earrings, necklace, or flowery bandana, you could use it as an accessories for your hijab/headscarf. I usually use brooches, necklaces, ribbons, or long earrings, as the accessories on my headscarf... ^_^

Or, you could spice up your hijab looks by doing some layering stuff, using double scarves or adding ribbon, headband, hat, imitation flower, etc.

a picture I took from one of hijab shops
accessorizing with imitation flower

a necklace as hijab accessories
this ribbon's very cheap, only $ 0.4
you could move the ribbon to the back of your head
the magnetic necklace
hijab pin
a long earring
a brooch

The way I put these accessories:
Long earrings: Just wrap your headscarf as usual and then wear the earrings the way we normally wear on our ears, just put into the earring-hole on your ears. And because the earrings are long, they could show up out of your hijab.

If you wear one earring on one of your ears, it would look like a brooch on your neck... ;)

Necklace: Just put the necklace around your head. Try to fit the necklace to your head size. Then, pin the necklace with hijab pins, so it would stick on your headscarf.

My favorite is my magnetic necklace, I don't have to pin it on my headscarf, just put it around my head and the necklace will easily to tighten around my head to fit it up, and the necklace's chains will stick to each other because of its magnetic wave.

Here are several beautiful brooches I found from, but the prices is a bit high:
Vintage Style Pink Rosette Rose Brooch PinBridal Jewelry Brooch Pearls Brooch Pin For Bridal Bridesmaides Brooch DressBeautiful Cat Pin Brooch, High Fashion Jewelry Accessory Kitten, Great Gift IdeaSilver Cross Racquet BroochYellow Austrian Rhinestone Butterfly Brass-Tone Brooch Pin
I also love the accessories from these online accessories shops:
Shop Bando, Islamic Gems, and Pinz Pinz Pinz

Shop Bando offers beautiful Headband and Hair Accessories, that can be used as a Hijab Accessories. Islamic Gems and Pinz Pinz Pinz offer a wide range of stunning Hijab Jewellries, such as Pins and Brooches.

Beautiful Hijab Jewellries from Islamic Gems could be saw on these album:
Fashion Hijab Pins

How do you accessorizing your hijab/headscarf? Which accessories do you like most?

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