Another Modest Swimwear

Bahiya Collections introducing the VEILKINI Swimsuit, modest comfortable swimwear for women.

They offer the VEILKINI in two styles. Check the styles here:

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  1. saya pernah pakai itu di kolam renang disini. mereka menyebutnya ''BURKini''

    saya ngga boleh pakai pakaian itu, dan terpaksa saya mengurungkan hobi renang saya. :(

  2. Thanks Putri atas komennya.. :)
    Iya, baju renang muslimah seperti ini ada yang menyebutnya Burkini/Burqini; ada juga yang menyebutnya Veilkini.

    Waah sayang sekali ya, Putri tidak bisa berenang disana dgn memakai burkini... Padahal burkini itu kan mirip dg baju selam yaa...
    Di Indonesia, setahu saya, tidak ada yg melarang kita mengenakan burkini di kolam renang umum. Jadi disini kita bisa bebas berenang di mana saja... :)

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  4. I found another website called SeaSecret to buy modest swimwear, it's really elegant. Here the link to the New Modest Swimwear - Women collection

  5. @ Anonymous: Thanks for your visiting to my site and for your information.

    Unfortunately, the swimwear collection on the site that you gave do not meet the requirements of Islamic modesty. The sleeves are not long enough. The legs and the neck also are not covered. For us, muslim women, we should modify these a bit to meet Islamic rules of modesty... :)

    However, thank you for this. The collection must be very helpful for non-hijab people who want to improve their modesty.

  6. @Rania I just visit again the SeaSecret website, and They actually propose a new model Marina dedicated to 
    Islamic modesty 


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