My Friends Styles, and My Personal Style: Flowery Vintage Creme-Pink Dress

At a semi-formal event

I went to a kind of semi-formal event yesterday evening. We sat around a table that was set beautifully (with flowers and ribbons), and we were served with very delicious meals... :) My friends and I really enjoyed this. Some guests at the event were wearing great outfits, but unfortunately I couldn't get their pictures.

Here are a few pictures of my friend's styles at the event:

Friends at the pictures: Miss Sekar and Miss Riska. Thank you, Sweeties...

I was too busy to took a shot of the event and of my friends' styles, and forgot to took a picture of myself... ^_^. So, this pictures of me was taken when I got home. It's night, so the pictures are a bit dark.

I was wearing a flowery vintage dress given by my mom, a maroon red blazer borrowed from my mom... ^_^, a pink headscarf, a pair of creme/khaki jeans, a pair of pink feminine shoes, and a brown small handbag.

I  just wore what I got in my closet. I'm a kind of person that are rare to go shopping...  ^_^
Hope, in the future, I could post such post as "Being stylish on a budget or being creative within our limits".

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  1. Thanks, Chaca! Iya nih, aku jg suka banget dg dress 'lama' dari ibuku ini... ^_^


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