A Sneak Peek!: Vela's Pre Spring 2010 Collection and Pearl Daisy's February 2010 New Offers


Vela was founded by Marwa Atik and Nora Diab, Hijab Designers in America.

At first, their brand name is Marwa & Nora Co., and then they officially changed it to Vela. The word 'vela' came from the word 'veil', which is derived from the Latin term "Vela" meaning veils.

Vela designs 3 seasonal collections: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each of their seasonal collections comes with about 15 new pieces and also a selection of their best sellers. Vela's collection are designed and handmade by Marwa and Nora themself. Notice that these girls are designers, so they don't do custom orders... the only custom orders they do is for Bridal Collection.

Vela has a mission to create and design fashionable/unique hijabs. They said:

 "Almost every Middle Eastern country has a certain style and way to wear the Hijab, and now its time to show them what Muslim Americans can come up with!"
Vela scarves can be used multipurposely. The scarves are made to be worn as Hijabs as well as used to be worn around the neck. They also offer an internationally shipping for overseas orders.

You could take a sneak in Vela's Pre Spring 2010 Collection that's coming out in a month on their Facebook Album. Here is the collections.

For more info and how to order, send email to: marwaandnora@gmail, with the title of the scarf and quantity. Also if you have any questions or comments, send in to the email address.

Pearl Daisy Ltd 
Pearl Daisy is the online store to visit for all your hijabi needs, whether you're looking for Hijabs, accessories such as: hijab pins, teeka, stunning brooches; and their very own creation: the Hoojab! 
To find or order all of their collection just visit Pearl Daisy website... You could browse, ask questions, and offer your suggestions as to what products you'd like to see on their website. And also you could uploading an inspirational pictures of you wearing their stuff on their Facebook's Fan Page!
This February there would be a lot of new colors and patterns. Here is a sneak on what's new coming up on their website.
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