Colors of Hijab

These are a couple of photos I took at ANNISA, one of hijab store in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. What caught my eye was the colors, lots of colors, used to make this Hijab Style. Check out the way the scarves are shaped to make the accent of 'flower', and I think, they use lots of layers to create this Colorful Style.

At the back of the store, again, my eye was caught by these beautiful Hijab Style for Wedding:

The store also provides a HijabDresser if we need to wrap or styling an elegant and sophisticated hijab style for a special occassion... Wow, a HijabDresser... isn't that good? ^_^

What do you think? Do you like the styles?

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  1. until now I couldn't create the flower accent of hijab... :p
    let it be the hijab dresser's job, hehe

  2. suka sama kerudung untuk weddingnyaa.... ^^

  3. @ tia & aishi: thanks for visiting my blog... :)
    @ tia: Iya tia, aku jg belum bisa bikin flower accent dr scarfnya sendiri, bingung gmn jepit gulungan scarfnya dg jarum2 pentulnya itu... hehe.
    @ aishi: Apalagi yg warna peach itu, unik yaa...

  4. i love the hijab can i buy this.....did you have ANY STORE IN riyad?????


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