Hijab Fashion: Inspired by 10 Best Dressed at The 2010 Oscars

When I read over the internet recently, I found this gorgeous pictures of 10 Best Dressed at the 2010 Oscars. I read it on the teenvogue.com.

My favorite is Anna Kendrick, the nude pink color of her dress and the laces are very romantic! My mood is in a romantic mood... ^_^

Check the pictures of 10 Best Dressed at The 2010 Oscars at TeenVogue

Aren't they stunning?
The question here: How we can make the Oscar Trends a hijab-ready?

As I notice from this 10 Best Dressed Oscars (of course by skipping the man's suit), they have a similarity... the dresses are a bare shoulder dress. The skirt is loose, long, and draped beautifully.

As long as the clothes are quite thick and not a see-through ones, not too tight at the chest area and not showing your curve, all we have to do to cover the arms and shoulders is just add a jacket, satin bolero or blazer, and the headscarf. Or, you could wear a long-sleeves tee under the dress in the same color with the dress.

The skirts are already hijab-friendly... just sew up the open cuts of the dress that shows the legs. Or, we just simply wear an underdress under the gown in a similar color with the dress or in gradations shades of the dress color, and voilaaa... you are a hijab-ready :)

But, for the Best Dressed Oscars' Gown which the chest area are very tight and showing the curves, like the one worn by Miley Cyrus, you should pay more attention for that area, by choosing the right size of hijab and the right hijab wrap to make sure that you cover the chest area. Or, you can cover it by a jacket or drape a shawl over the bossom.

Some choices to add a finishing touch for Anna Kendrick's gown to be a hijab-ready:

Valentino Ruffled-leather jacket
Valentino's ruffled-leather jacket
New Sweater Bolero Jacket ~ Sz 6M (Sk C15A) IvorySatin Bolero Jacket Cover-Up Formal Prom Bridesmaid - LNew Swirl Pattern Faux Fur Bolero Jacket Shrug ~ Sz 18M (CO3A) White

Or, wear a nude pink long-sleeves tee under the gown. It's better if you could find a nude pink (or it's color gradations) bolero or tee... ^_^
Crumpet Cashmere turtle neck
Crumpet's cashmere turtle neck
100% Pashmina PINK Shawl Wrap. Woman's Scarf.Elegant Pashmina Shawl - Lt.Pink

And put up the nude pink headscarf/pashmina over your head:

Another ideas:
For you, who can afford these designer's gowns, you can ask the designer to add a pair of long sleeves on your gown and make a stunning headscarf to go with it, then the gown would be a hijab-ready.

For you, who can't afford these designer's gowns, try to find a maxi dress, abaya, or skirt, that look alike or similar with one of these 10 Best Dressed Oscars...

the one you love... then add your own style, could be with accessories, your own beadwork, or some detils you like.

If the dress is sleevless or short sleeves, ask the tailor to add sleeves, or find a jacket/bolero that match your dress.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions about how to hijabify these Oscars' gowns?

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  1. Oh my gosh, you're genius! MashaAllah I love the way you put those together!
    Your blog is fabulous

  2. @Haute Muslimah: Oh thank you, Dear! I'm glad if you like my post... You have a great blog too, and I enjoy reading it! :)


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