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I'm always excited when it comes to sport hijab... when I heard a clothes-producing company or a designer launches a new model or design of modest sport-clothes or sports hijab... or, when there is an invention/innovation about it.

Modest swimwear, I think, is one of the big inventions/innovations for muslim women that makes me really happy. I embrace all new modest sport-clothes designs which can make us more and more comfort to do all of our physical/sporting activities.

Recently, Bahiya Collections has launched a new sport hijab, named Athletica Sports Hijab, made of organic cotton and bamboo materials, so, they said, it is absorbent and breathable.

I wonder how it would feel?

I also found a website that offers a variety of sports headwear, the name is Capsters. Capsters offers sports headwear that are suitable either for warm climate or for cold climate.
For warm climate type, from what they said, the materials are light, very soft, smooth, and breathable to keep your head cool. Light colors are available for warmer climate.

They also offer sports headwear depends on the sport. There are a tennis, aerobics, surf, swim, running, or outdoor headwear.

Type: Runner



Type: Team

(Image via Capsters)

Check their complete collection here.

I have a hijab that looks like this one, and this is a kind of hijab that I'm wearing when I do my workout.

Another kind of sport hijab that I'd like to mention is the one that invented last year. On November 2009, an industrial designer from Montreal, Canada, Elham Seyed Javad designed a sleek sport hijab called Resport. It's a headscarf and camisole in one with an opening at the back of the head, allowing easy acces to readjust the hair. Resport is wore under the usual sports wear.

Read the story behind her invention here.

(Picture via The Star, photo courtesy of Peter McCabe/

Note: to be wore under long-sleeves sport wear
(Picture via Huffington Post

Resport will be available with short sleeves, long sleeves, and sleeveless. I think this one would be our future sports hijab. It looks practical and comfort, and I hope the materials are also breathable, so we wouldn't feel that we have this headwear on.

If I have to choose, judging from just their look and their description, I think I would choose Resport. It looks very comfortable to wear on sporting activities... What do you think?

What kind of sports hijab that you are used to or choose to wear?

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  1. Hijab is not just covering the head.

  2. @ Anonymous: Thanks for visiting my site.

    Perhaps you didn't read my post carefully.

    Resport is wore under our sport wear. Resport are available with short sleeves, long sleeves, and sleeveless.

    If our sport-wear already has long sleeves, we could wear the sleeveless Resport underneath.
    If our sport-wear is sleeveless, we wear Resport with long sleeves.

    Resport also can be wore by both female and male athletes who want to keep their hair out of their face when they do sporting activities.

  3. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing


  4. Hi, I really like this hijab especially since I love sports and I've been trying to find it, but I cant, where can I order one from?

  5. Salaam,
    Thank you for visiting! :) Some online shop that I know sell sport hijab are:

    For Resport from Univalor, I myself also still looking for where we can buy it...
    If anyone has information about this, please write here... thank you :)

  6. Asalamualaykom warahmat Allah wa barakato! I found the website to order ResportOn (as it's called now; the name was changed) go to www.resporton.com I contacted the designer herself (a very sweet lady) and she sent me the link herself. I am planning on wearing the hijab insha'Allah and I am just preparing everything now. As a personal trainer, it's hard for me to workout or train in a regular hijab and insha'Allah I hope this will solve any issues I may have!

  7. @Anonymous:
    Thank you so much for your information. I really appreciate this. This info is the one that I've been looking for... :) and I'm sure this would be useful to other people, too.

    I think ResportOn would be perfect to be a sport hijab.

    Ohh, and I'm happy for you that you're planning on wearing hijab. Hope everything would be going smoothly for you, and you can always be a great personal trainer... Amiin :)

  8. Salam sisters,
    I stumbled upon this page and I am very happy to see you girls like ResportOn :)
    Thank you Rania for your helpful blog!
    My name is Elham Seyed Javad and I am the designer of Resport, the sports hijab, today called ResportOn.
    Thanks to the anonymous personal trainer. As she said, ResportOn is now available for worldwide purchase through our website www.resporton.com
    Feel free to contact me anytime
    Give me your feedbacks on this first version so I can hear you for the next generations, other colors and styles

    Allah bless you all

  9. @Elham:
    Salam Elham!
    Thank you for stopping by. I really love your design of sports hijab.

    I have written a post about my feedbacks on ResportOn here:

    Hope it would be helpful, especially for you, as the designer, and all Muslim women who wear hijab.. :)

    Thank you for your hardwork on designing ResportOn, and make it possible for Muslim women to compete in sports comfortably.

    Keep up the good work, Sister Elham. Success always for you and your work! :)

  10. Salam Rania :)
    I just saw your new blog about ResportOn and I loved it ; Very concise.

    You are a very good blogger =D
    Thank you for sharing all these useful information for Muslim sisters.

    Allah be with you sweetheart

  11. Nice post I like your site very well and continue to do so. I have bookmark your site.
    Sports Hijab


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