Indonesia Hijab Fashion: A Look Back

Featuring: A Young Talented Hijab Designer From Indonesia, Dian Pelangi

A flashback look from Jakarta Fashion Week 2009 on December 14th until December 20th, 2009...

I just want to take a note on Indonesia Hijab Fashion. At the end of last year, I really impressed by one of muslimah fashion designers, Dian Pelangi. At the first glance, maybe I'm impressed because of the bright pretty colors of her designs. And then, I found that she was 18 years old at the time... very young to be a well-known designer! Two thumbs up for her... ^_^

Dian Pelangi, in leather jacket, maxi skirt and vivid tie-dye scarf 
knotted under her hijab. I really love her style, too :)

And then, when I look closely at her designs... woow amazing! Look ethnic... She elaborated tie-dyed and batiked colours and patterns. Her collection combined Indonesian traditional textiles, the intricate hand-woven patterns of Palembang (songket and jumputan), and traditional Turkish/Moroccan Styles (layers and kaftan). Completed with Palembang gold-plated accessories.

You could see the detils about her and her collection on Jakarta Fashion Week official website here.

And, for you who just know her, Dian Pelangi had been featured on two articles on:, Online Australian News, titled: Muslim Designers Put Faith in Fashion, and, titled: Indonesia's Dian Pelangi Has Passion for Muslim Fashion.

Dian has blended Indonesian traditional textiles and Islamic fashion very well. Her great work had remind and encourage us to explore our own cultural heritage, instead of always looking up to international fashion styles.

Dian had a great passion for fashion, and had a big dream for the future, as she said on The Jakarta Globe:
“The international fashion hub is in Paris. I’m really hoping that Indonesia can become the world’s Muslim fashion hub, especially as Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. I’m sure that if all Indonesian [Muslim] designers work together toward that goal, we can achieve it.”
Go for it, Dian! I support your big dream... :)




  1. ok ok ;)

    ntar saya cari dlu foto yg lagi pakai hanbok. udah satu tahun yang lalu.. hihihi ..

  2. can i get the names of fashion hijab/tudung suppliers on whole sale rates in indonesia?

  3. i would like to buy fashion hijabs on whole sale prices from indonesia

  4. Dear Expat_Diaries,
    There are so many hijab sellers here in Indonesia, but I do not know exactly which ones offer wholesale prices. I suppose you need to browse and contact each of them whether they offer wholesale prices or not.
    As for Dian Pelangi fashion hijabs, you can check and get in touch at


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