Islamic Fashion, A Growing Trend

I know from the Hijab Trendz that the Gulf News has reported about how Islamic fashion has growing. Estimated to be worth Dh350b (more than $96 billion), the industry offers fashion students an opportunity to tap into a growing market.

Apparently, the increasing of people who wear Islamic clothing be the pulse that attract more muslim students design clothes with Islamic themes. Today, people from all over the world are beginning to show their interest to islamic clothing. As said by Tamara Hostal, Director of French Fashion University ESMOD Dubai (ESMOD):
"Fashion today is moving and passing between different continents as more people travel the world and bring traditional influences back to their own countries. People are increasingly showing they want to wear clothes influenced by Islamic culture as countries that are not yet very Islamic are starting to be".
Hostal also added that:
"Global brands like Fendi, Gucci and Calvin Klein introducing Islamic elements into their recent collections, making it apparent that growing trends and increased demand in a fashion-conscious world means Muslims are no exception".
What do you think about this? Hope it will bring us more options to shape up our styles.. the mix and match between western and eastern... ^_^

Visit here to read the full article.

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