Personal Style: My "Things of The Week".. ;)

Why are these 3 things my favorite things this week? Because...

The Headscarf
is one that I've been craved and spied for weeks. I think it's so beautiful! I love the pink little roses embroidery on the off white scarf, with small beads drape beautifully on the corner tips of the scarf. At the first time I saw this headscarf, I don't buy it immediately. And this week, when I ready to buy it, it was 'out of stock'. The shopkeeper lady has to go search in their stock room, look for it... then... voila! There was still one left! Makes me smile... (psst... and jump! ^_^)

The Shoes.
They are a pair of original (from what've been told to me... ^_^ , or perhaps they are made by the licensed company) shoes from Etienne Aigner. I can't afford for that kind of branded shoes. I love the shoe because of its classic simple design, its soft leather, and its durability. And then, this week one of my relatives told me that she bought a pair of Etienne Aigner shoes (man made sole, made in Spain) from her friend who live abroad, but the shoes do not fit to her feet. So, she offered the shoes to me in a very cheap price, and I bought them. Happy... ^_^

The Brooch.
My little sister came from Kalimantan, Indonesia, this week. She wore a beautiful brooch studded with the original Borneo's stones on her hijab. It looks shiny and sparkly... very beautiful!
I love it since the first time I saw it. But, she only brought one of these kind of brooches and this is her belonging. The brooches price is also quite expensive for me. At the end of this week, she flied back to Kalimantan. Before leave, she took out the brooch from her bag and she gave it to me.... Waaaw... really? I can't believe it. Thank you soooo much, my Dear Sister...! ^_^

What is your favorite thing this week?
Happy Tuesday!


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  1. setuju kalo tuh headscarf manis banget...^^

  2. that headscarf is sooo pretty..!!
    the brooch too!
    n how lucky, you get the shoes in cheaper price.. :D

  3. wow!!!thts a lovelyy scarf indeed...and the colour como is just awsum


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