A Giveaway From Islamic Gems

A couple of days ago, Islamic Gems, the hijab jewelries store, based in the USA, announced their March's $5 Giveaway Winner. And the winner is...... ME! I'm so thankful and excited. This store is one of my favorite stores on Hijab Pins and Hijab Jewelries! I've featured Islamic Gems on my previous post about Hijab Accessories.

After I heard about the news, I went straightly to their online store, picked up one of Hijab Jewelries that I dreamed of for weeks... hehe...

This is my choice: Ith-nain Hijab Pin, but in color Red. Isn't it stunning?

And then, I put it in my 'shopping bag', and go to the Checkout...

The new page open up, I was asked to confirm the details about my order and the address where the purchased item want to be sent... I filled my address is in Indonesia; of course, because I live here... :) Then they showed me the only way the item could be sent and how much the shipping & handling cost is... Wow, I'm shocked, the shipping cost are faaaar more expensive than my purchase. Oh my God!

My purchase's price is $9,99, and the shipping & handling cost is $27,25. Oooh, eventhough I have a $5 discount, but I think I would think twice to buy this lovely Hijab Pin.

Perhaps, for some people who live in the USA (who also get free shipping cost on order over $50.00), or for people who have extra money, this is not a big deal. But, for me, it can be a financial problem.... hehe ;)

I can understand that the USA and Indonesia are in a very looooong distance. USA is so faaaaar from here. Unfortunately, they don't pay for the shipping & handling cost... :(

Anyway, I'm very thankful to Alloh and to Islamic Gems for this great opportunity! I'm still excited because this is the first time I win a giveaway on the net... ;) Sadly I can't use this coupon.

Actually, Islamic Gems' hijab jewelries are in affordable prices. What I like also is the hijab jewelries are handmade with high quality materials (as they said), and the designs are unique, so they might be the exclusive ones.

If, any of you want to know about how to sign up for this monthly Giveaway from Islamic Gems, just go to Islamic Gems fan page on facebook, and sign up at the "Email Signup" on the left sidebar on their facebook page.

To get to know more about Islamic Gems visit their "About Us" page on their website.

Do you have any idea what should I do with this discount coupon?

I just wondering... how about I give this coupon for you as a giveaway from me? Ooow.. this must be the one you've been thinking of too, right? Just give me some times to ask to Islamic Gems whether it is okay to give away my prize to one of my readers...

So, stay tuned, Ladies!


Yeey, the Islamic Gems are more than welcome about it.  So, I'll give away my Islamic Gems' shopping voucher to one of you. Check out my post about how to entry the competition here.

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