Hijab Accessories Inspiration: April's Headbands from Little Fille

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Headbands... surely can be wore as a hijab accessories. There are hundreds of beautiful headbands and hair accessories, even jewelries like necklace and clip earings, can be used to accessorize your hijab, so you can make your hijabs look adorable... :)

Recently TopShop's official Blog, Inside-Out, was featuring Little Fille’s latest project - 30 Days of Headbands. Mari Santos, the designer on Little Fille, has taken it upon herself to create a brand new and unbelievably cute headband for every day of this month. It could be a chic knotted band or a beaded bow grip. Any of them would make your summer's hijab looks chic... ^_^ 

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(Photo Credits: Little Fille)

To get some inspirations to 'make-up' your hijab looks, check out Little Fille for Mari's headband of the day ... 

You can also check ShopBando, another headband & hair accessories shop that I've been featuring on my previous post about Hijab Accessories, to get more inspirations.

What do you think? Can you see yourself wearing a headband with your hijab?

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