Hijab For Sport: Queendom Hijabs of Canada

What kind of hijab are you looking for sport?

Queendom Hijabs, hijab designer based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, are offering you their collection of sport hijabs. The fabrics are made of Bamboo materials, organic cotton, and a bit percentage of spandex for the elasticity.

They claim that these hijab are very comfort  because of its moisture absorbent materials, and its inner hair reinforcement to keep hair off of neck, especially after working out and neck is sweaty (inside hijab). It's easy to wear too, just a slip on hijab, one-piece and pin-free.

The benefits using Bamboo materials for sporting clothes can be read here on their site.

Bahiya Collections, one of the online Hijab Store, are carrying their Athletica basic black hijab. If you'd like to see the hijab in action, watch here.

This is my favorite sport hijab on their website:

It is their 'patriotic version' with country-flag embedded on it.

I love the cut... fit and sophisticated, and the stiff-shape on the forehead. In my opinion, based on aesthetics point of view, the crossing straps at the back of the head looks a bit 'strange'... although it is meant to prevent the hijab from raising up while running; but I think, the hijabs without 'the cross' look more chic and practical.

(Images are provided by Queendom Hijabs for Fashioning Faith, 
Photo courtesy of Queendom Hijabs)

Queendom Hijabs provides not only hijabs for sports, but also for everyday wear, for casual style, and for Winter season. Check their website: Queendom-Hijabs.com to see the entire collection and the details about their products.

What do you think about these hijabs?

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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum,

    I have used their basic black athletic hijab and while I really like how I don't have to adjust it while working out or have to worry about it coming undone while running, the way that the seams come together on top kind of bothers me. The seam seems to stick up a bit, bit lie flat on my head. I try to pull it down so it will lay flat, but it just comes back up. I think the ReSport sport hijab will be better because the fabric is continuous, one piece of fabric on top of the head instead of meeting two pieces of fabric right on the top of the head as the Bahiya one does.
    Anyways, while I like this hijab, I won't be buying anymore because the bump of the seam makes me feel a little subconscious. Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you, Robyn!
    I really appreciate that...

    I'm sure your feedback is very helpful, not just for us, but also for the designer.

    Hope the hijab designers can improve their products, so we would have a better and better hijab for us, that will makes us feel more comfort and confident.

  3. Salam Rania,

    I personaly like the first and last one pictured here. I think these are really needed for comfort and safety in sports and outdoor activities.


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