Safety in Wearing Hijab

Dear Hijabi Sisters, please make sure the safety of you in wearing hijab.

Times Online reported a news about a horrible accident. I knew about this news from Ange on her blog, Hegab Rehab.

A woman in hijab was go-karting with her family in Australia yesterday when her headscarf became entangled in the go-kart's wheel causing her death. My deepest condolence to her family.

From that accident, we got a lesson to always make sure that our hijab or headscarf has 'pass' the 'safety standard' while we are on machinery environment or while we are in recreational activities that would be dangerous if there are any kind of flowing/hanging-down things; it could be a headscarf, tie, necklace, long hair, etc.

So, if you are going to do such type of activities, wear pants instead of long skirts or abaya, and please tighten your headscarf, or put the flowing/hanging-down part of your headscarf into your clothes and pin it; Or, simply wear a sport hijab (there are many types of sport hijab, you can read about it here on my previous post), or wear an al-amira hijab just like Ange suggested. You can read Ange's suggestion here on her blog. Minimally, you can wear a long-sleeves turtle-neck shirt or polo shirt with high neckline (so it would also cover your neck), and a simple hat or a bonnet/underscarf that could covers all of your hair and ears.

What breaks my heart is some unappropriate comments on the newspaper... Some people use this story to 'blame' the hijab. May Alloh give us strength and creativity to design better and better hijabs that would be modest, chic, comfort and safe for each of our activities.



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