Spring Blossom

Just found Polyvore... ^_^ I'm kind of too late, isn't it? But "better too late than never, right?... ;)

This is my first 'set' of outfits. I want to create a comfort outfits that will suit to hot weather in Spring and Summer, and the first come in my mind is... Spring Blossom! So, here it is:

Spring Blossom

In the Spring and Summer season when the hot wave hits, we need a comfort tunic, shirt, or tee, with breathable and absorbent materials. Not many layers, wear just one or two layers. And, of course, not so-tight hijab wrap style which allow air circulation... you can see how to wrap one of Hijab Style for Summer on my previous post here, the tutorial was presented by my favorite hijab-wrapping tutor, Sister Amena.

As the hijab accessories, a flowery hijab pins or a butterfly brooch would be a perfect match.

On my set above, you can wear the tunic just with the pants or the jeans, but if you want to spice up your style, you could add a mini skirt as an accent to your outfits.

What do you think? Do you like it? Do you have any other ideas how to wear a mini skirt for Hijabi?

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