Take a Splash This Season!

April Showers

Soooo colorful! 

This month's Fashion issue on EMEL Magazine are featuring Fatema Zehra's pick of wellington boots and umbrellas for London student, Sarah Jawad.

Just love the pictures...! What caught my eyes is not only the colorful and unique design-umbrellas, but also the models' outfits. A nice-cut tailored jacket mixed with flowery-prints minidress, a pair of jeans and bold-color boots.

I think these cute umbrellas and boots will cheer up your 'cloudy days'... ^_^ Have fun and make a splash... splash... splash! 

My favorite umbrella is the transparent looks-like-cage one with a bird inside... looks funny ;)

Portraits Steven Lawson
Styling Fatema Zehra
(Images via Emel Magazine)

Would you wear boots on rainy days?




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