Top 20 Spring Miniskirts from Glamour

Miniskirts on Spring and Summer season look lovely and cute. If you'd like to, you can wear the A-line, loose, frilled, or ruffled miniskirts to spice up your hijab style. You can see a set of outfit I created recently that 'featuring' a miniskirt here.. ;)

Simply wear it over a pair of nice-cut pants or jeans, or a long pencil skirt underneath, and a long-sleeved tunics or tee for Summer... (if you wear a no-sleeves or short-sleeves top, you should layer it with cardigan, bolero, or blazer, that will not suit to hot weather; Just make it simple with not many layers.. ^_^).

Then, wrap up the headscarf around your head, and... you're a hijab-ready!

Here are my picks of cute miniskirts you can wear:

(Photo credits: Glamour Magazine)

To see the whole collection of this Top 20 Spring Miniskirts and the details about it go to Glamour Magazine, and get to know where to buy and how much the price is.

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