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"The Real Her and The Drawing Her"s Original Link

This is an update for my previous post about a girl who dresses herself in her drawing (check her amazing styles and drawings here!).

Luchie from LUCHIELICIOUS has searched for the original site of the girl, and she found it. It is Nancy's New Blog is the title of the girl's blog.

The girl's name is Nancy (Xiaoxi) Zhang. Her blog is really cool... There, you can see many more styles of her, get to know where she got the style inspirations, and of course, her beautiful drawings!

I've been thinking... Do you think what I'm thinking? Yes! She must has a lot of cool stuffs in her wardrobe... ^_^ Lots of clothes, hats, shoes, bags, belts, and other accessories, and she must be enjoy playing around with her stuffs...

When I look around her site, and saw many styles that she has been created, my mind was flying to other site. Another cool style's site of the Hijabi Version. It's Ghaida's GDA's Gallery. I love Ghaida's styles, and she creates many fabulous hijab styles on her blog.

The difference is Ghaida doesn't draw herself in the dress she is wearing, but... she does has talent to draw clothing design.

And, the similarities are they both always try different styles, and both of them must have a lot of chic stuffs in their wardrobe (it must be easy for Ghaida because she has a boutique... hehe.. ;p)

Check out those two amazing sites to get some inspirations in style! ^_^

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