Easy Hijab Wrap For Daily Wear and Hijab Wrapping Using Lined-Edge Printed Scarf

Daily Wear

These videos I found from HijabTrendz and YouTube show the simple and practical way to wrap your hijab for daily wear.

These hijab style are also the common style I used to wear on my daily life. But sometimes, if I have to go in a hurry, I just wore my ready-to-wear hijab... ^_^

(Source: HijabTrendz)

Rectangular Wrap Around Style:
(Source: MakeUp Adikt)

Lined-Edge Printed Scarf

Lately I fell in love with Zafirah's scarves and the way she wrap her scarf. You can see her style on her blog: Bits of Beads. Zafirah always wears branded scarves, like scarves from Christian Dior, Iv's, Gucci, with a line/list/frame (what should I call this?) print along the edge of her scarf.

I don't know what we should call this kind of print on scarf in English, so I just call it "lined-edge printed scarf"... :) Is it right?... Sorry for my poor English ;)

Unfortunately, Zafirah didn't make a video tutorial on how she wrap her scarf. I tried and tried to wrap my headscarf just like the way she did, but I can't have the same look.

While I browse her blog, once she's ever said in the comment section that the headscarf she wore is in rectangular shape... Oooh, so no wonder that she can wrap it just like that (like she usually did).

The hijab with lined-edge print that I have in my closet is in square shape. To create a hijab style just like her is not easy. So, I created the hijab wrapping by myself, using my 'un-branded' square scarves.

And this is the look inspired by her; Look like hers, but not exactly the same... ;)

I love 'the impression' the double lined-edge made to my face... ^_^


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  1. hello sis.. I like this style! You look very lovely in it.. I'll try it! ;)
    btw, do we have to make a bun higher on the upper head for this style?

  2. @dsy: Hi, thank you for visiting!
    I think we don't have to make a bun to get this style. Even if you have a short hair, you still can make it.

    I think, the benefit to have a thick/long hair is it would shape up your hijab, and the natural bun you have can be 'a place' to drape your hijab beautifully.


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