Maysaa Launch

Only a few days more, Maysaa will launch. Maysaa is an elegance modest-clothes collection designed by Hana Tajima Simpson, the author of StyleCovered.

TODAY Maysaa have their Pre-Launch. They 
have limited stock and give you just 5 days access to before they start their international advertisement campaign. 
So hurry and take advantage of your head start! Check also their facebook page/twitter for any special discounts and promotions.

Maysaa Elegance collection are range from dresses, tops, skirts, and scarves. 

Maxi skirt and black satin hoodie available at

(Photo from the album: Editorial by Maysaa)

Below are a brand new hijab style from Maysaa designer. I love it! It looks very chic when you wear it with a hat :)

Satin Wrap Band Snood

Satin Wrap Band SnoodSatin Wrap Band Snood

And... Chiffon Scarf Snood 

(Photo: courtesy of Maysaa)

What do you think of Maysaa collection?

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  1. I've already whined about this, but there's this photo? On the main part of the Maysaa store? That shows this black tulle overlay (I think) on a white skirt and OMG, I want it SO MUCH, but I don't see it for sale!

    I really dig the Maysaa snood/headwrap/crossy-over-thingie, though. It's very chic.

  2. Beautiful & inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing :)


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