Three Inspiring Ladies On BBC

Muslim designers mix the hijab with latest fashions

Jana Kossaibati, the editor of Hijab Style; Sarah Elenany, the designer of Elenany; and Hana Tajima-Simpson, the editor of StyleCovered and the designer of Maysaa, were featured on BBC News.

Hana even make a hijab make-over on Shaimaa Khalil, the BBC World Service reporter. These three muslimah-fashion-icon ladies are my source of inspiration.

Hijab Style was the first site I was looking at for hijab style information at the first days I wore hijab.

On that days, actually I felt excited but I thought I'm lacking of style/fashion taste, and I didn't know what to do with my 'old' clothes. I thought I have to get rid of most of them and buy the new ones, but I didn't have a big budget to buy new clothes.

Then, I discovered Hijab Style that boost my confident on wearing hijab, and 'taught' me how to mix and match the clothes I already have. I remembered, I look at Hijab Style's Outfits and Reader's Contribution categories, I felt amaze and surprise about how hijab can look sooo fabulous; that wearing hijab won't block you to express yourself, and made me realize that even we wear hijab, the styles to choose are endless... :)

From Hijab Style also I knew about Sarah Elenany. Her urban-sporty street wear designs really inspired me and I think they are suit to my personality... :) The last, but not least, I found Hana on StyleCovered, who inspire me to feel comfort with my own 'skin'. Their designs can really fit in the community, especially for the 'western community' I think; their designs make you feel not separated with your society, make you feel that you're not a foreigner from some middle-eastern country in your own motherland-country. My appreciation goes to Elenany and StyleCovered for their edgy looks... ^_^

Thank you, Ladies! Keep up the good work, and hope someday I could go to England and meet all of you! :)

If you are as excited as I am, has a passion to celebrate our modest style, and do not know yet about the article, I think you should read it. You can read it here.


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