All in One: Headscarf + T-shirt + Sleeves

Love it or Leave it?

I came across on an online hijab shop, Vinnete House, which sells this kind of hijab named "Simply". A hijab/headscarf that is integrated with t-shirt and sleeves.

(Photos: Vinnete House)

In my opinion, this kind of cover-ups perhaps would make things simple and easy, especially for hijabi that need a quick and easy cover-ups, but I don't think it is stylish. 

And I'm wondering, if the hijab is not long enough, as seen on the white hijab, what will happen if we raise our hands? I think the 'hijab's shirt' will open up and we can't move our hands freely. Perhaps it would feel like we open up our t-shirt... ^_^

What do you think about this kind of hijab? Love it or leave it?

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  1. Assalaam waliekum & Hello.
    I say leave it.
    This hijab is kind of tough to decide because it does looks great & it's a great idea but I dont like how the fabric looks over the chest. Also I would have like to see how the hijab looked in a full picture, example being this type of hijab over a maxi dress or some loose pants.
    Insha'allah, a plus-size sister would have a hard time concealing her bust in a hijab like that. The garment clings like a fitted tee-shirt. It would be a great "I'm just driving So & So Home, So I Need Something to Cover My Bust From the Head Down Hijab" and the versatility ends there.

  2. I've seen this style in some Indonesian muslimah online stores. The design was meant to be a combination of hijab and long sleeves, so it's not meant to be a substitute for an upper wear (we still need to wear atleast a short-sleeve shirt underneath).
    As you've said, it's merely for a quick n easy cover-up, at home that is, when we suddenly need to welcome guests.


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