At the Beach

It's been soooo long since my last post. Over the past few weeks, there's a problem with my notebook and the internet connection. I can't send anything... messages, email, posting... all must be delayed. So, while waiting for the technician fixing my problem this couple of days, I decided to spend some times with my family... :)

My sister had planned to go to the beach. We all agreed, and... this is it. Very happy and excited... enjoying the sand, the sea waves around my feet, the coral reefs, and the sun... really looove being on the beach!

These are few pictures I had taken, and I'd like to share with you.

A friend of mine
(Photos: Courtesy of Rania @

What I wore: 
T-shirt: a simple long-sleeved cotton t-shirt.
Skirt: a super light-weight skirt. It dries so quickly when it gets wet. Perfect to be worn to the beach. Underneath the skirt, I was wearing a pair of swimwear leggings, so the legs will stay covered if the skirt was blowing up by the wind or by sea waves. The leggings also dry easily.
Belt: an elastic coral-white belt, built of small coral-stones.
Headscarf: a purple square scarf, folded into rectangle and wrapped in a loose wrap style as Hana did with pashmina, but I pinned the long-end of the scarf onto my tee (because the scarf is shorter than pashmina), so it will stay in place. Here is the tutorial.


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  1. Lovely ladies with lovely clothes on a lovely beach :)
    ..ini di pantai mana?

  2. Ooh... thank you! :)

    Ini pantai Sundak di Yogyakarta. I love it! Pantainya indah sekali! :)


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