Get Discover Some New Muslimah Style!

A new way to wear long pashmina from H&M:

Do you wear a long headscarf or long pashmina? Do you wrap your long pashmina in a Loose Casual Wrap like Hana-of-StyleCovered's style?

But... do you find the long ends of your pashmina hanging around and they keep distracted you and blocking your activities?

Perhaps you should try this style from H&M collection's lookbook... Just put the long end of your headscarf/pashmina under the belt, like this:

(Photo: Courtesy of H&M, via

What do you think? Chic?

Have you try it? I know I will... :)

Layering skirts over from CHANEL Pre-Fall 2009

Mini skirt over maxi skirt:

As a hijabi, can we wear a mini skirt? Yes, of course. CHANEL shows you the way for it... :) Here it is:

Chanel Pre-Fall 2009
Chanel Pre-Fall 2009

Wear a short dress over a maxi skirt:

Chanel Pre-Fall 2009
Chanel Pre-Fall 2009
Chanel Pre-Fall 2009
Chanel Pre-Fall 2009
Chanel Pre-Fall 2009
Chanel Pre-Fall 2009
(Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL, via

Imagine the headdresses as headscarves... :) What do you think of this style?

Hijab styling tips: Find a simple plain-color long-sleeved maxi dress or a long skirt that can act as a layer under all signature suits you love to wear.

Happy experiment with your wardrobes!

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