Hijab Style In America

Shopping websites, magazines and blogs are catering to Muslim American women who want to look fashionable while dressing modestly and staying true to their faith.

Wrapped Up In Style

June 6, 2010

Sama Wareh
Sama Wareh has a style all her own.
(Christina House / For The Times)
On a recent, sunny Saturday in Orange County, 26-year-old California native Sama Wareh stood outside her apartment complex wearing a textured, brown cotton hijab, held in place by an extra-large safety pin, decorated with tiny, dangling, multicolored replicas of Russian nesting dolls. On either side of her face, she had gathered the ends of the head scarf in Native American-style laced-leather ponytail holders purchased nearby at Knott's Berry Farm. Her dress, an Empire-waisted vintage find with gray, blue and white stripes and short puffed sleeves, was supplemented for modesty with a slim, long-sleeved gray T-shirt and thick gray leggings. On her feet, she wore a pair of knee-high, naturally distressed, square-toed boots.

Organic and entirely unself-conscious, her look had the kind of effortless cool that might make a blind follower of fashion envious.

A field naturalist, traveling scientist and fine artist — as well as a Muslim — Wareh draws inspiration from a variety of sources, frequently mixing it up with Renaissance dresses, cowboy hats, kilts and bold jewelry. Her personal sense of style is so unique that she's been asked by non-Muslims if what she's wearing "is allowed."

Read the rest of the article on Los Angeles Times.

In my opinion, muslim women in hijab still want to be and feel like their own self, sometimes need to express their self, showing their identity, their root... and the diversity they have been creating together through their individual style will show up a beauty, a beauty of diversity.

Check also the awesome photoshoots of stylish hijabis in America here. Very inspiring!

What do you think of their style?

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