Reader's Style: Nusrat Sami from Bangladesh

As an appreciation to my readers, I want to open a new categories titled Readers' Style. There are few emails sent to me which reads they really want to be featured on Fashioning Faith and hope they can be an inspiration for all muslim women. I think it's also interesting to see what other people wear and see what their styles.

The first reader's style that I want to feature here come from Nusrat Sami from Bangladesh. And this is what she said to me:

I'm a student now, and about to finish my graduation from Bangladesh. Actually I never sent my picture to anywhere before this though I was interested in hijab style from earlier time.
I was not used to wear hijab but it's a guidance from Allah and some true friends of mine who helped me to choose this path of Allah... and I knew that hijab doesn't make a girl stay behind rather it upholds themselves, introduce them as a new one with their personality. And I think, within the hijab a girl can make herself a million times beautiful than without hijab. 
I believe in my style because every person in this world born with different attributes, they have different views. I always try to look myself as a good and presentable, so that others don't run away from me.... and the main thing is I'm addicted to try different style. I just feel empty without any spice in my hijab... so just to add some spice I play with my hijab.... :)

Thanks a lot again....I really loved how you have maintained your blog, its really a good guide for muslimah....May Allah guide you. Ameen.
 Thank you, Nusrat Sami, for your lovely words :)

What do you think of Nusrat's Hijab Style?

If you want to be featured on Fashioning Faith too, send in your photos and a bit words about your hijab style to fashioningfaith @ gmail . com

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  1. Mashallah a beautiful lady with beautiful hijab shows her creativity...

  2. Nusrat's style of hijab is very unique!

  3. It's very creative of her to put the head piece on her hijab (I'm thinking of re-making it from necklaces).
    Thanks for sharing!


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