Summer Hijab Tutorial: No Pins, No Underscarf!

I just watched Amena's channel on youtube, and I want to share to you this another Summer Hijab Style from Amena. A lovely, secure style for when the weather is really hot!

I know that Summer always be a challenge for us as a hijabi. We need a comfort style againts hot weather. Especially for me who live in tropical country which the weather is always hot, I always look for comfort yet stylish Summer Hijab Styles... need more options on style and on choosing comfort materials for Summer Hijab.

I think I would definitely try this Summer style. No underscarf... hmmm... this surely will make us cooler... :)

Note: Please make sure you select an appropriate scarf before you go trying to poke slides through your favourite hijabs! And when you put in the slides, it also goes through the hair. But, if you don't want to use slides, you can use hijab pins as well.

The Grey Opaque Hijab Amena has used in this tutorial, as well as the Pink Brooch, are both from

What do you think? Would you like to try this style?

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