Summer Season Staple from Miss Selfridge: Jumpsuits

Style Inspiration

I think these new maxi jumpsuits from Miss Selfridge would be perfect for Summer. It looks light, chic, and comfortable. Cover the tops with blazers/cardigans/light-coat and of course with the long ends of your headscarves. Pair with wedges sandals and a classic tote for a directional daytime.

Animal prints
Small dots prints

(Photo: Courtesy of Miss Selfridge)

Few jumpsuits wore by celebrities:

(Images from:

What do you think? Would you wear a jumpsuit?

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  1. What a coincidence!
    I just walked pass a Miss Selfridge store this afternoon and saw the very same animal print maxi jumpsuit you mentioned here.
    But imho it's not that great to look at, although I'm a big fan of jumpsuits.
    Or maybe it's just me and my dislike to bold animal pattern on clothes :D
    I've some jumpsuits in plain neutral shades like black & grey, make it easier for me to mix and match them without looking like I'm wearing the same clothes again and again.

  2. Wow... really?

    I think it's normal if we have different views, right? I like animal prints, and I also like plain colors. It depends on what style we choose to wear :)

    yes, the benefit of plain neutral shades jumpsuit/abaya is it's easy to be accessorized and mixed-matched.


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