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"Modest and Fabulous": Muslim Women get New Magazine

Aquila Asia is the World's First English-Language Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine for Cosmopolitan Muslim Women in Southeast Asia. Base on Singapore and Indonesia, Aquila (means "sensible and intelligent" in Arabic) Asia Magazine intends to bring interesting articles that  

"meet the needs of the modern Muslim woman who holds a Blackberry in one hand and carries a Hermes bag in the other" 
(said Aquila Publisher Liana Rosnita Redwan-Beer when she described Aquila Readers to The New Paper, May 3, 2010).

Here are the photoshots on their "Fashion & Beauty" section with theme: Pilgrimage of the Mystics.

(Photos: Courtesy of Aquila Asia)

Can't wait to check out their latest edition (July/August 2010)... ;)

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  1. ohhhh love all the above looks!!

  2. Very nice.. different from other muslimah magazines.

    Btw Rania, I've an award for you ;)

  3. @ designer: Oooh, thank you, Designer! It's so kind of you... :) I'll go check it out, and post about it InshaAllah.
    You have a great blog too :)


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