Denim Style in Summer

Would you like to wear denim in Summer? How is your style in denim?

Wearing an oversize denim shirt,
An oversize denim shirt
Photographed by EIRIK SLYNGSTAD in 

Or pair a soft blue ruffled denim skirt with a khaki sleeveless jacket and pinstripes hijab,
Soft blue denim ruffled skirt from

Or get into this perfect combination: nude color dress with a denim jacket plus statement belt?

Kenzo modest maxi dress hijab style
 (Image: Kenzo Spring/Summer 2010 collection, via

You can create your own style with basic denim pieces. Mix-match the clothes and the headscarves you-already-have-in-your-wardrobe with a pair of jeans/denim trousers, denim skirt, denim vest or jacket; Or simply wear a denim maxidress with colorful headscarf. 

If you need to buy denim to be added into your wardrobe, SHUKR and Miss Selfridge has a new Denim collection. ALL UNDER £ 50 (except the Tayyiba tencel denim dress, £ 54.95).

SHUKR's new denim collection:

Tayyiba tencel denim dress
Embroidered tencel denim top

Classic weekend denim trousers

Denim pocketed flare skirt
Denim flared box
pleat skirt

Classic elastic waist
denim skirt
Classic denim office skirt
Tencel denim princess
seam skirt

Flattering fit denim

Miss Selfridge's new denim collection:
    Denim Mid Wash Gillet
    Denim mid wash gillet
    Denim Broderie Gillet
    Denim broderie gillet

    • Denim Oversize Shirt
      Denim sleeveless oversize shirt
      Floral Sleeve Trucker Jacket
      Floral sleeve trucker jacket

H&M Denim Jacket €34.99 lo-res
My favorite: I love this perfect H&M one from their last Summer collection! It has a light blue color --a perfect Summer shade-- and hip-length.

Summer denim style on the streets:


Gorgeous Maxi Dress + Cropped Denim Jacket = Great Feminine Summer Outfit!

To add an edgy feel to your outfit, the collar should be worn up (this style can be implemented only if you wear the denim jacket over your hijab, so the collar can be seen), and to complete the laid-back look, fold up a bit the end of the sleeves.  If you are bored with the usual floral / ethnic / bo-ho maxi-dress prints, then go for a block neutral colour like Rihanna, or a faux two-piece like the dress that Cheryl is wearing.

How is your style?



  1. to be honest. jeans r the farthest i'll go in denim!


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