Heaven Sent by Itang Yunasz: Brings a New Dimension to Muslimah Clothing

Senayan City, July 20, 2010

After almost 15 years since his last solo fashion show, Itang Yunasz came back to the Runway to show his latest designs. It was full of breathtaking looks.

Check the photos from Itang Yunasz's Runway here. All photos are taken by Arselan Ganin.

Below are my favorites:
(Photos: Courtesy of Arselan Ganin, via his facebook album)

Over the past few years, Itang Yunasz has been busy with his second line products that cover a variety of clothing and reach success in local store. Since year of 2000, he widen his clothing range to exclusive muslimah clothing line. It is undoubted that his designs not only have been well known by his local customers but also internationally such as Uni Arab Emirate, Malaysia and Singapore. This show has proved his existence as a senior designer and still productive to create ready-to-wear first line clothing.

He believes that to perform perfection on hijab according to Islam, a woman need to walk on stage of modesty step by step. This explains his diversity and contrasting design; that also has assimilate with local culture. From turban with an open neck until the fully loose headcover are being presented. From an oversize tunic worn with skinny pants and an amazing turban, an unusual-cut abaya with tribal pattern mix with colorful animal prints (something that we rarely find in Muslim dress), to loose silhouette with a new dimension.

He also believes Muslim clothes may vary. It doesn’t have to be simple conservative flat long dress. Trends can be adapted for every Muslim woman. Trends and Traditions can be fused and bring a new dynamics to Muslim Fashion.
The collection are magnificent. From a delightful romantic bohemian with embroidery framing the dress to a modern drapery combine with skinny pants. This collection shows major diversity in garment and detail. We can see layers from lightweight material such as chiffon, satin chiffon and lace. To have the best volume dress, mix duchesse and satin are a great choice. Moreover, Itang also adds Swarovski crystals and beads in order to have an elegant and glamour feminine look.

Besides the richness of his clothing line, the headdresses also come in variety of style. From a modern Emirat Style with its wide and long scarves, Iran or Persian Style with long drapery at the back, colorful Indonesian Style that was represented in two colors combination, a simple Egyptian Style, to chic Turbans that was commonly worn by women in Paris in 1920-ies.

So, what do you think of Itang Yunasz's clothing line?

(Written according to Press Release)

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  1. Oh i love the third one, very nice!

  2. uhhh, i love the white one too. subhanallah bagus banget :)


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