Hijab Style on Dolls

Arrosa and Fulla

The dolls are dressed up with the latest fashion or in traditional clothing. Below are my snapshots on "Hijabi Barbie" brand Arrosa at one of the retailers' store. Arrosa is based in Indonesia, and the name "Arrosa" means 'dolls' in Arabic, and 'rose' in Basque.

Arrosa displayed amongst Barbie:

Close window
Arrosa Doll in a cute romantic dress. My favorite!

I think these dolls would be a great ied gift for children :)

Check more Arrosa in variety Indonesian traditional costume at: Arrosa.net

And you can find Fulla at: Fulla.us

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  1. I remember I used to own a Folla school bag when I was little. Good times.

  2. Salaams :) Wow I guess because I dont have kiddos I didnt even know there were Hijabi dolls. They are sooo cute and the little scarves and modest outfits are adorable! Inshallah I cant wait to have a little girl to buy Hijabi dolls for :)

  3. I know of a sister's website called muslimtoysanddolls.com who sells fulla,Arrosa,Salma,Norah,Leen,Aamina,and fifteen other brands and she sells over 150 different handmade Islamic doll clothes with hijab of course and abayas,prayer dresses and more.I bought four dolls and two outfits and they are priced reasonably.fee aman Allah,Sister Dena


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