More Snapshots from Islamic Fashion Festival 2010 in Jakarta

A great photographer I know, Arselan Ganin, share his exclusive photoshots of Islamic Fashion Festival 2010 in Jakarta recently on his facebook. His photos covered amazing designs of muslimah clothing from 9 Indonesian Designers and 3 Designers from Malaysia.

On this Islamic Fashion Festival 2010, the theme that brought up is the rich culture of Nusantara (Citra Nusantara). Most of the designers using traditional fabrics for their designs, like:
muslim costume by Ida Royani is made from antique waven, Zainal's designs use local traditional Songket fabrics, Iva Latifah combined rich-colors traditional Batik motifs (Painting Batik), Merry Pramono and Hannie Hananto use Batik fabrics with motif 'Parang', Alphiana Candrayani use Batik Madura from East Java in her designs, Ghea Panggabean also designs muslim dresses from Batik, and Ian Adrian use Tenun (woven fabric) Ulap Doyo from Kutai Kertanegara.

All designs was brought up with their unique and gorgeous headdresses style as the headscarf! So enjoy the photoshots here.

Check also the previous photoshots from Islamic Fashion Festival 2010 in Jakarta here.

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  1. I love their style and colours they are so vivid ! beautiful


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