Summer Hijab Style for Beginners

Again, Summer Hijab Tutorial from Sister Amena on her youtube channel!

Hijab tutorial for Summer season always be my favorite... since I live in tropical country where we have hot weather all year long!

In my opinion, in Winter, it's easier to wear almost all creation of  hijab style we want to. We don't have to worry about "we will be getting hot in this kind of hijab style", or some thoughts like that. Sometimes, I wish I can have Winter here. I want to feel what it feels like to be in cold weather, and try out all the "Winter Style" I love... :) and have fun playing with lots of layers!

In Summer or in few countries like mine, we need to be more creative to create a kind of hijab style or to find fabrics/materials that would make us feel comfortable in hot weather. To keep the style less layers, less stuffy, loose, breathable, and "light-weight".

Umm... but on the second thoughts, I think each season has their own "FUN", whether it's Summer, Winter, and also Spring and Autumn. So, just enjoy all seasons! and let's watch this video from Amena! (...because I've been too much talking... ^_^).

In this video, Amena using a quite transparent scarf to make this hijab style feels "light-weight" without make it "see-through". This hijab wrapping can be an addition alternative for a quick and easy Summer Hijab.

What do you think?

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  1. Fantastic blog! you have really nice taste in clothing and I love your posts! thanx again for helping me fix up my blog!

  2. You're welcome, Seyma. You have a great blog too, and I love the way you mix and match clothes... :)


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