Feminine, Chic, and Trendy: Dian Pelangi from Indonesia

I would like to post about Dian Pelangi's style a while back ago. Dian Pelangi is a young talented fashion designer from Indonesia whose style I love, and she has kindly given me permission to post some of her style pictures on Fashioning Faith.

But, I have a doubt to feature Dian Pelangi on my blog, because "Dian, you are sooo famous!" Many popular style-blogs for Muslim Women has already featured you on their blogs. So, what for I'm featuring you again?... hehe...

But I can't stand myself to not featuring Dian Pelangi on my blog. She is very inspirational! Her style is so stunning! Can't help to not archiving Dian's style on my blog's file! :) I love to collect all the style crush that inspire me, and I feel happy if it would be helpful for other people... to enjoy and getting inspired from them.

And maybe, some of you do not know yet Dian Pelangi... and her style... and her designs... :) So, here I go... featuring Dian Pelangi on my blog. So excited! Hope it would be helpful and inspiring for all of us! A big thank you for Dian. I'm proud to have you in Indonesia... :)

Dian's style from her facebook album: Estranged

From the album: Rainbow Falls in Abu Dhabi!

From the album: Egyptianizm

From her profile pictures:

From the album: Alexandria Calling

From the album: Melbourne-2009

(Photos: Courtesy of Dian Pelangi)

Now, you see the "rainbow" of her style! ;)

Dian also has her own style blog: The Merchant Daughter. Check it out to see more of her style. She post her daily outfits on that blog, and also the tutorial on how she wrap her hijab, "the famous Dian Pelangi's hijab style"... ;).

Curious about Dian's clothing designs?

Here is her clothing line's page on facebook, and this is my previous post about her design and her participation in Jakarta Fashion Week 2009 titled "Indonesia Hijab Fashion: A Look Back".

Good News!

If you'd love to meet up Dian, here's a chance for you, Dian pelangi collaborated with another Indonesian young designer, Ria Miranda, and duo fabulous Hijab Scarf bloggers, are inviting all of you, to come to Jakarta Indonesia on August 23rd, 2010, to have "break fasting dinner" and watch Irna La Perle's fashion show together with them. How excited! I wish I could come... :)

For more information about it, go to Hijab Scarf blog. On that event, they will pick up 4 winners to win dresses from Dian Pelangi and Ria Miranda, and there will be a goody bag for all of you from Hijab Scarf... woww, excellent! It's also your chance to dress up, Ladies! :)

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  1. Looks like I've been living under a shell all this time, coz I don't know her :P
    I agree, she has great style both in her designs n personal wear.
    Just read about her hijab style and can't wait to try it!

  2. I seldom leave comments on blogs, but you really impress me, also I have a few questions like to ask, what's your contact details?


  3. great, she is inspiration for hijabers in indonesia.

    Rumah Dijual


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