A Lovely Dress from iLoveModesty

Just want to share my happiness... ^_^ .

About a week ago, I have won a free gift from iLoveModesty, an online Canadian Fashion Boutique founded in 2009 with the aim of providing stylish modest clothing. I have a CA$100 shopping voucher to be spent at their website. So I can choose which item I want from the site, and then I chose this dress (Mahi Gown):

It worth CA$ 96.99. What an expensive gown! So from CA$100 shopping voucher, I get only 1 item... ^_^.
From the picture on their website, the dress looks so gorgeous, and I love the color! I can't wait to see it 'in action' on me! :)

Everyday I've been waiting for the parcel, but until now I'm not receiving it yet. Perhaps my expectation was too big. I thought I will receive it in one week... hmm but after a second thought, I think it might need some more time to the gift to arrive... because Canada is sooo far from here. Do any of you know how long does it take to deliver a parcel from Canada to Indonesia?

Soon, after I receive my parcel, I want to do a review about the dress. So, if you intend to shop from iLoveModesty, and need this review, watch this space, I'll do my best to do an honest review.

I get this FREE gift courtesy of iLoveModesty from a competition I entered. I receive no compensation for doing this review. The review would be just my honest opinion, and I thought it would be helpful for those who need it... :)

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  1. whoaa how lucky!!
    that is one lovely piece of gown!
    I can't wait to see how it looks on you! it must be pretty!
    Living Daisy

  2. selamat unt vouchernya....^^
    untuk sampai indonesia saya jg tidak tahu k' jadi g bisa ksi info ;p hihihi

  3. what a beautiful dress, love it colours. nice choice :)

  4. How lucky you are!
    Looking forward to see the dress review and a picture of you wearing it :)

  5. Gorgeous dress! So sweet and feminine. Mabrouk for winning it =)


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