Maximalist Style: Urooba from Canada

Urooba is a seventeen years old student from British Columbia, Canada. She has a unique and fabulous style, full of accessories. She calls her style Maximalist!

Urooba has kindly given me permission to post her style pictures here. Thank you, Urooba. Hope your style can be a source of inspiration for Muslim women.

Visit her blog: Under Urooba's Umbrella, to get to know more about her and her style :)

This is the outfit that she wore on very last day of her twelfth grade:

On the beach:

Feminine look:

Her casual look:

Urooba's style on her Prom Party:

Urooba's style in 'maximum' accessories... ^_^

In monochromatic colors:

Monochromatic color is on-trend this Fall, remember? Can you see yourself in this "hue new"?

What do you think of Urooba's style?

If you'd like to be featured here, just send in your pictures and a bit words about your style to fashioningfaith@gmail.comWe would love to see your style! :)

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  1. she is way too cute!! And the fact that she has the confidence to pull these looks off!! You gotta give her credit... xoxoxo

  2. Salam Rania! Thanks for featuring me--this is SO INCREDIBLY COOL.
    I can't stop telling all my freinds and family, lol!
    I think you and your blog are both equally and incredibly swell!

  3. i visit her blog regularly and yea she is awesome.

    happy fasting!

  4. Very nice!
    not everyone could pull the maximalist look, especially for hijabis.


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