Rectangle 'Copy of Original' Hijabs from Hijab Online Store, Egypt

Recently Hijab Online Store based in Egypt launched their second Ramadan Arrivals, called 'Copy of Orginal Hijabs'. The prints are copy of Moschino, Chanel, Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton' scarves.

Below are the pictures of some of them:

(Photos: Courtesy of Hijab Online Store)

The shape of these hijabs is rectangle, just like the shape of pashmina (size: 50 cm width and 175 cm of length), and the material is chiffon silk. Woww... honestly I can't get my eyes out of them! They are so gorgeous and exactly the ones on my wishlist... I really want to buy some of them... ;)

Here's the link of their facebook album of these 'Copy of Original' Hijabs to see the complete collection or visit their online store here. 
What do you think of these scarves?

To reduce the shipping cost and to provide an easy access to get Hijab Online Store items for they who don't have paypal account and credit card, Hijab Online Store has opened partnership in some countries to collect pre-orders of their items.

Here's the link to go to Hijab Online Store Pre-orders in:

The more orders, the cheaper the shipping cost is. So, if you live in those countries, it's your chance to get much more cheaper shipping cost.

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  1. Hmmm.. dunno, but wouldn't those are the same with FAKE products?
    I agree that the motives are so pretty, yet they are only the COPY of the original.
    Apart from the ethics, wouldn't they break some copyright matter?
    I say go for the real thing if you can afford it, but if not there are many other budget choices that are just as pretty as the designer's ones.

  2. Love them. I would def. buy some!!!

  3. @designer: That accrossed my mind too.. ("Do they break some copyright matter?"). I think we should ask this to the store's owner...

    @Houda: I really love them too, Houda. They are so adorable.


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